A Letter From Our CEO

Why We Started SuperHero Freight...

A lot of people ask me why we created SuperHero Freight. It’s a great question. I mean, there are so many ‘freight forwarders’ out there who all claim to be able to help eCommerce sellers ship their products‘without stress’ right?

While many freight forwarders will claim to help you ‘take the hassle’ out of shipping your goods from China to the US, UK or Australia...pretty much all of them fail massively.


Well if you’re shipping a small order with a freight forwarder by sea, you’re going to have to ship inside an ‘LCL’ or less than container load. I did this for YEARS and got massively overcharged every single time. I also had to rent my own warehouses for years just to be able to receive my items into stock.

(NOTE: I also shipped full containers but many times that wasn’t an option as my orders were too small to make that financially sensible. The containers were a bit of a nightmare too though…)

The kicker for me was that I had to hire full time staff just to be able to communicate over what seemed like hundreds of emails every time I wanted to ship from the far east.

These forwarders never saved my order details either so I was literally starting from scratch every single time I shipped (it’s no wonder I’ve lost my hair over the years!)

Building The Community.

5 years ago I began to teach how I’ve personally sold 8 figures of private label and wholesale items globally on Amazon and saw that the community I was building was having the same problems that I had when I started out.

So, I decided to go to multiple freight forwarding companies to see if someone could help me AND the community to ship their products cost effectively and with less hassle.

I also wanted to find someone who could help us outsource our storage as well as any additional packing or re-boxing that was needed so that my community could have a completely ‘hands off’ shipping and storage service for their Amazon business.

I tried and tried but came up short with every company I worked with.

2 years ago I decided that enough was enough and I, with the help of Don & Stephen (my initial co-founders) would get our own warehouses and create a new type of freight company.

That company was SuperHero Freight.

The idea has always been simple…

  1. We ship our own containers from China
  2. We fill those containers with our members products (as well as ours)
  3. We effectively create a shipping co op that saves everyone money
  4. We also store your products more cost effectively than Amazon
  5. We manage all this with a simple online app (totally hands free)

The real kicker is that we enable you to pre-buy shipping credits with us. This means that you’ll know EXACTLY how much your freight will be.

If you’ve ever shipped anything with a forwarder, you’ll know that they add on a ton of additional ‘hidden’ costs that ends up pushing you way over your budget. We don’t and never will do that. SHF has locations in the United States (Houston), United Kingdom (Bangor,NI) and Australia (Brisbane) with hundreds of clients from around the world.

Our mission is simple...to enable you to completely outsource your global importing for your Amazon business while also saving you massively on your shipping AND storage. The service you’ll receive from us is second to none. We’re also a real COMMUNITY of Amazon sellers who hang out in our Facebook community every week (show me a forwarder you can actually speak to!!)

I look forward to working with you and helping you free up capital that you can use to grow your Amazon business faster than ever before.I also look forward to giving you peace of mind and FREEDOM by partnering with you long term.

It’s my honour to work with you.


Superhero Freight CEO