Step 1: Create Your Account

It ONLY takes 2 minutes to set up your FREE SuperHero Freight account to access full functionality of our system.

Once your account is active, you can also avail of a ‘premium membership’ which unlocks the ability to pre-buy space on our future containers, with huge freight savings. Or you can ‘pay-as-you-go’.

Step 2: Order Details

Once you have negotiated and placed an order with a supplier, you’ll enter your order details in our online software app, and that’s it!

When you do this, we’ll connect with your supplier on your behalf. The good news is that you’ll only need to do this once. Unlike with traditional freight forwarders, we’ll save your order details for future shipments.

Step 3: Final Mile Delivery

On arrival, the duty and tax will be calculated. We’ll let you know how much this is and you’ll make the payment in order to ‘clear’ your products.

We’ll then have your products delivered to our warehouse facility. Your products will be stored there and sent to Amazon’s Fulfillment Centre upon request. It’s incredibly simple - our tool and our team will guide you through every step.

Bonus: Storage Savings

You’ll instantly save on storage rates as we charge considerably less than Amazon, and we do not charge those dreaded Long Term Storage Fees.

We recommend that you only send to Amazon what you need. When you need to replenish, you can do that in your SuperHero Freight account as well. We are a full-service prep warehouse. Should you require labelling, packaging, or bundling - we can do that, too. This effectively gives you completely ‘hands off’ inventory management and logistics.